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Superior Court of California - County of San Diego: Family & Children: Family & Children Forms
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Family and Children Forms

Family Law Packets

Dissolution (Judgment) Packet
PKT-003 (Rev: 01/21)

Dissolution Packet
PKT-004 (Rev: 01/21)

Dissolution (Summary) Packet
PKT-005 (Rev: 09/19)

Domestic Violence Restraining Order - Applicant Packet
PKT-006 (Rev: 09/20)

Domestic Violence - Restraining Order Respondent
PKT-007 (Rev: 01/20)

Domestic Violence - Restraining Order with Children Packet
PKT-008 (Rev: 05/20)

Fee Waiver Packet
PKT-010 (Rev: 03/21)

Findings and Order After Hearing
PKT-011 (Rev: 01/21)

Guardianship of the Person Packet
PKT-012 (Rev: 01/20)

Joinder Packet - Family Law Packet
PKT-034 (Rev: 04/20)

Parentage (Judgment) Packet
PKT-013 (Rev: 01/21)

Request for Order Packet
PKT-015 (Rev: 01/21)

Request to Reschedule Hearing
PKT-051 (New: 07/20)

Parentage Packet
PKT-017 (Rev: 01/21)

Local Family & Children Forms

Access to Information Made Simple (AIMS)  
FLF-036 (New: 10/17)
Adoption Assistance  
FLF-040 (New: 12/19)
Application and Order for Service on Clerk of the Court  
D-135 (Rev: 5/14)
Attached Declaration in Support of Modification of Child Support  
FLF-007 (New: 08/09)
Attached Declaration In Support of Request for Child Custody / Visitation Orders  
FLF-011 (New: 06/10)
Attachment 6d to JC Form #FL-170  
D-262 (New: 01/13) (Includes JC Form #FL-170)
Child Custody and Child Support Attachment  
D-294A (New: 3/19)
Como Desarrollar un Plan de Custodia y Crianza – Guía para Padres  
FCS-058s (New 9/12)
Consent to Custody of an Indian Child to Non-Parent and Court Certification  
D-243 (New: 04/09)
Declaración Preparatoria en Conjunto Conferencia Obligatoria de Resolución  
D-274S (New: 10/18)
Declaration Alleging Domestic Violence for Separate Family Court Services Session (English)  
FCS-017 (Rev: 8/15)
Declaración Para Sesión Por Separado Con Los Servicios Familiares Del Tribunal Por Alegación De Violencia Domestica (Spanish)  
FCS-017S (Rev: 8/15)
Declaration and Order for Payment of Attorney Fees and Costs  
D-137 (Rev: 05/09)
Declaration in Support of Application for Emergency Temporary Order - Family Law  
FLF-028 (Rev: 09/13)
Declaration of Authorized Persons From Child Abduction Unit to Inspect and Copy Confidential Family Court File  
D-293 (New: 12/18)
Declaration Regarding Child Support Factors  
FLF-014 (New: 02/11)
Defendant/Respondent Information for Order Appointing Attorney Under Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)  
ADM-260 (New: 11/09)
Developing A Child Custody Parenting Plan – Handbook for Parents  
FCS-058 (New: 02/12)
Directions to Central Division Family Court Services Office  
FCS-065 (Rev: 11/17)
Due Diligence Declaration (Attempts to Locate Respondent / Citee  
D-006 (Rev: 04/06)
Electronic Filing Requirements (Family)  
D-305 (New: 06/21)
Ex Parte Application And Order - Family Law  
D-046 (Rev: 11/10)
Ex Parte Request and Order to Terminate Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order  
D-001 (Rev: 7/16)
Family Centered Case Resolution Process General Information   
D-080 (Rev: 10/20)
Family Court Services Brochure  
SDSC FCS-047 (Rev: 11/11)
Family Court Services Child Custody Recommending Counseling Information Sheet  
FCS-022 (Rev: 05/20)
Serviceios del Tribunal de lo Familiar Informacion Referente a la Asesoria para Recomendaciones de Custodia de Menores  
FCS-022S (New: 05/20)
Family Court Services Complaint Form  
FCS-044 (Rev: 08/13)
Family Court Services Domestic Violence Support Person Agreement   
FCS-038 (Rev: 08/11)
Juzgado de lo Familiar Servicios De Vilolencia Intrafamiliar Acuerdo de la Persona de Apoyo  
FCS-038S (New: 5/16)
Family Court Services (FCS) Data Sheet (Confidential)  
FCS-002 (Rev: 06/20)
Servicios Familiares del Tribunal Datos (FCS) Para la Sesión (Confidencial)  
FCS-002S (Rev: 06/20)
Family Court Services (FCS) Questionnaire Regarding Application for Permission for Minor(s) to Marry or Establish Domestic Partnership  
FCS-067 (New: 12/18)
Family Court Services Screening Form (Confidential)  
FCS-046 (Rev. 01/17)
Family Law Certificate of Assignment - Venue Declaration  
D-049 (Rev: 04/16)
Family Law Facilitator Customer Complaint Form  
FLF-008 (Rev: 12/17)
Family Law Facilitator's Office Self Help Locations and Information  
FLF-006 (Rev: 07/19)
Family Law Self-Help General Information  
D-280 (Rev. 12/17)
Family Support Division Hearing Information - Central  
FSD-003 (New: 11/19)
Información Para Las Audiencias en La División de Apoyo Familar - Centro  
FSD-003S (New: 11/19)
Family Support Division Information - Central  
FSD-005 (Rev: 06/21)
Finishing Your Case  
FLF-030 (New: 04/14)
Guardianship Assistance Program  
FLF-001 (Rev: 07/17)
Programa de Asistencia Para Casos de Tutela  
FLF-001S (New: 10/19)
Guardianship Questionnaire  
FCS-045 (Rev: 06/17)
Indicaciones Para Llegar Al Centro de Apoyo a la Familia, Division Central  
FCS-065S (Rev: 11/17)
Interim Order for PERS, STRS and ERISA Plans  
{Formerly Appendix I under the 2008 Local Family Law Rules of Court. Form number to be assigned}
Interim Order for Processing Re: Survivor Benefits  
{Formerly Appendix J under the 2008 Local Family Law Rules of Court. Form number to be assigned}
Job Contacts  
D-044 (Rev: 06/18)
Job Contacts Attachment  
D-044A (New. 06/18)
Joint Readiness Declaration Mandatory Settlement Conference  
D-274 (Rev: 06-18)

Lodged Documents
ADM-378 (New: 03/19)
Mandatory Settlement Conference Brief - Long Cause Hearing Brief - Trial Brief  
D-241 (Rev: 01/13)
Mandatory Settlement Conference General Information   
D-047 (Rev: 07/19)
Mandatory Settlement Conference Term Sheet-Dissolution of Marriage  
D-294 (New: 3/19)
Notice of Intent to Lodge Documents  
D-235 (Rev: 12/11)
Notice of Pending Matter before a Privately Compensated Temporary Judge  
D-010 (Rev: 11/08)
Order for Removal from Residence  
D-072 (Rev: 05/16)
Order Setting Aside Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage/Order for Dismissal (Parties Reconciled)  
D-050 (Rev: 08/08)

Peremptory Challenge
ADM-381 (New: 06/19)
Pleading on Joinder - Request for Award of Custody to Claimant(s)  
D-236 (Rev: 01/10)
Request and Order to Correct Party Name and Case Caption (Family Law)  
D-304 (Rev: 06/21)
Request to Appear by Telephone and Order (Family - Non-Governmental)  
D-259 (Rev: 01/21)

Responsive Declaration to Request for Order
FL-320 (Rev: 07/11)
Self-Represented Family Case Resolution Conference (SFRC) Orders  
D-281 (Rev: 11/17)
Self-Represented Litigant (SRL) Trial Readiness Resource List  
FLF-029 (New: 06/17)
Procedure For Walk-in Assistance  
FLF-035 (Rev: 01/18)
Stipulation and Order for Appointment of Privately Compensated Temporary Judge With Oath of Office  
D-008 (Rev. 07/19)
Stipulation and Order - Short Form  
D-035 (Rev: 06/18)
Stipulation and Order - Short Form Attachment  
D-035A (New: 06/18)
Stipulation and Order on Request for Order - Long Form   
D-036 (Rev: 07/12)
Stipulation for Court Commissioner to Act as Temporary Judge for All Purposes  
D-204 (Rev: 4/12)
Stipulation for Entry of Judgment Re Custody and Support  
D-289 (Rev: 12/19)
Termination of Guardianship Questionnaire  
FCS-039 (Rev: 12/17)
Verification of Disability  
D-248 (Rev: 12/19)

Judicial Council Family & Children Forms

Family Law - Dissolution, Legal Separation and Annulment FL-100 - 199

Family Law - Parentage Actions FL-200 - 299

Family Law - Motions and Attachments FL-300 - 399

Family Law - Enforcement FL-400 - 499

Family Law - Interstate Actions FL-500 - 599

Family Law - Governmental Child Support FL-600 - 699

Family Law - Summary Dissolutions FL-800 - 899

Family Law - Miscellaneous FL-900 - 999

Federal Child Support Forms

Registration Statement
OMB 970-0085 U

Other Federal Child Support Forms

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