Traffic / Minor Offense Division

The San Diego Superior Court's Traffic and Minor Offense Division has jurisdiction over Vehicle Code violations, some local municipal ordinances, infractions, and minor misdemeanors. These offenses may include Fish and Game, Animal Control and transit violations (e.g. San Diego Trolley violations).

If you received a citation/ticket, you may receive a reminder notice from the court in the mail. This may be your first contact with the Traffic Court process. Most questions will be answered by information provided on the notice. Find out what to do if you have not received your reminder notice.

Reminder Notices

If you received a citation/ticket for a traffic or other minor offense, a reminder notice will be mailed to you at the address on the citation. The notice includes:

  • the bail amount for this citation,
  • the due date when payment must be made,
  • eligibility for Traffic Violator School (TVS),
  • information on clearing a "fix-it" ticket with proof of correction,
  • how to pay by credit card, and
  • where and when to report if you would like to appear in court. Be sure to schedule your court appearance in advance, you will not be able to appear on a walk-in basis. Bail is not required to appear in court.
  • You may receive the reminder notice about two weeks before your "promise to appear" date (appearance date), which is shown below your signature on the ticket.
  • The reminder notice includes options to help you resolve this matter while avoiding the time and inconvenience of coming to the courthouse.

If you do not receive your reminder notice at least two weeks before your appearance date (or "promise to appear date") and/or do not understand your options, you may:

If your appearance in court is required, your reminder notice will say, "You must appear in court on or before your appearance date." An appointment is required to appear in court. Bail is not required to appear in court.

It takes approximately two to three weeks from the date you received your ticket for your case to be filed with the court.