Court Reporter Information

Effective November 30, 2021, official court reporters are normally available in felony criminal cases and juvenile matters during regular court hours. Official court reporters are not normally available in civil matters, family law matters (with the exception of Family Support Division [FSD] matters and Contempt Hearings), or in probate matters.

Where court reporters are not available, parties may privately arrange and pay for an official court reporter pro tempore. Please note, the court is prohibited by law from allowing remote court reporting for any court proceeding. (See Government Code § 69959.)

A party who has been granted a waiver of court fees and costs may request the services of an official court reporter, free of charge, for a proceeding for which a reporter is not normally available and for which electronic recording is not provided. The request should be made using the Request for Court Reporter by a Party with a Fee Waiver form (SDSC Form #ADM-379) and must be filed with the clerk at least 10 days before the proceeding, or at the time the proceeding is scheduled if less than 10 days away. Failure to comply with this request procedure may result in the court being unable to provide a court reporter or a continuance of the hearing. Party(ies) to the case who do not qualify for a waiver of court fees and costs will be responsible for a pro rata share of the fees.

Note: Unless otherwise required by law, the court is generally not obligated to provide court reporter transcripts free of charge to a party who has been granted a waiver of court fees and costs. (See Rohnert Park v. Superior Court (1983) 146 Cal.App.3d 420; Mehdi v. Superior Court (1989) 213 Cal.App.3d 1198.) Assistance may be available through the Transcript Reimbursement Fund. Further information is available on the California Court Reporters Board's website.

If court reporter fees were paid for a hearing scheduled on or after November 30, 2021, for which a court reporter will no longer be provided, the party should complete a Request for Payment of Trust Funds/Refund (SDSC Form # CIV-180) and submit it in person or by mail to the business office in the division where the case is assigned.

The list of materials below includes further information, including but not limited to, the court reporter policy, details on how to arrange and pay for an official court reporter pro tempore, and the form a party with a fee waiver should use to request a court reporter free of charge.

Advisory for court reporters regarding electronic note retention: In accordance with Government Code 69955(e), the Superior Court will make requests every January without notice for the deletion of all “Criminal”, “LWOP” and “Other” files that are 10 years or older and the deletion of all “Civil” files that are five years or older. Please make other arrangements to retain any documents you want to keep.

The Court-Approved List of Official Reporters Pro Tempore is available below. The names are randomized nightly and the lists are separated by location in which the reporter is willing to work. The "All" list is a compilation of all court-approved official reporters pro tempore. See the materials above, including the Policy for Court-Approved List of Official Reporters Pro Tempore, for additional information.

Court-Approved List of Official Reporters Pro Tempore