Minor's Compromise

  • A petition for approval of compromise of claim of minor or adult person with a disability is filed when parties have agreed to settle a claim. The petition is filed to allow the Court to oversee the disposition and disbursement of the funds. This may include establishing a blocked account on behalf of the minor or adult person with a disability.
  • A petition for approval of compromise claims may be filed in an existing unlimited civil case, or an existing limited civil case only if an action is already pending in that case. Otherwise, the petition must be filed as an unlimited civil petition. Any petition meeting the requirements of California Rules of Court, rule 7.950.5(a) will proceed in an expedited manner pursuant to California Rules of Court, rule 7.950.5(b) and (c). In all other circumstances, the petition must be filed and set for hearing in the department designated by the presiding or supervising department unless the case has been assigned to a judge or independent calendar department, in which case the petition must be filed and heard in that department. The person compromising the claim on behalf of the minor and the minor must be in attendance at the hearing of the petition, unless the court orders otherwise. (Local Rule of Court 2.4.6B)
  • Rules regarding petitions for minor's compromise procedures are governed by Local Rule of Court 2.4.6 and Probate Code Section 3600.
  • For partial withdrawal of funds, withdrawal of funds upon reaching the age of majority, and requests to transfer funds, call the Department's Clerk (phone numbers listed below) for instructions.
  • All Petitions and Orders must be submitted to the Civil Business Office prior to the hearing date.  For a list of Petitions and Orders, click here. If a hearing is set, the business office will collect a filing fee.

Scheduling a Minor's Compromise Hearing

To schedule a hearing, call the numbers listed below.

Location of Case Department/Phone Number
Central Dept. 2103:
(619) 844-2213
North County Dept. 25:
(760) 201-8025