ADR Offices and Contacts


Mediation and Settlement Conferences

Division Location Phone #
North County Civil Business Office
325 South Melrose Drive, Suite 1000
Vista, CA 92081


Arbitration and Mediation

Division Location Phone #
Central Civil Business Office
330 West Broadway, Room 225
San Diego, CA 92101

Settlement Conferences

Judge Location Phone #
Hon. Lorna A. Alksne Department Presiding 619-844-2100
Hon. Katherine Bacal Department C-69 619-450-7069
Hon. Wendy M. Behan Department N-14 760-201-8014
Hon. Jay M. Bloom Department C-2202 619-844-2222
Hon. Joseph P. Brannigan Department 1703 619-844-2173
Hon. Carolyn M. Caietti Department C-70 619-450-7070
Hon. Robert P. Dahlquist Department N-29 760-201-8029
Hon. Francis Devaney Department C-1802 619-844-2182
Hon. Kevin A. Enright Department C-2103 619-844-2213
Hon. Ronald F. Frazier Department C-65 619-450-7065
Hon. Cynthia A. Freeland Department N-27 760-201-8027
Hon. Loren G. Freestone Department C-701 619-844-2071
Hon. Maureen F. Hallahan Department C-1501 619-844-2151
Hon. Keri G. Katz Department C-74 619-450-7074
Hon. Frederick L. Link Department C-2201 619-844-2221
Hon. Robert Longstreth Department C-1603 619-844-2163
Hon. James A. Mangione Department C-901 619-844-2091
Hon. Marcella O. McLaughlin Department C-602 619-844-2062
Hon. Kenneth J. Medel Department C-66 619-450-7066
Hon. John S. Meyer Department C-64 619-450-7064
Hon. David M. Rubin Department C-1604 619-844-2164
Hon. Kenneth K. So Department C-2004 619-844-2204
Hon. Eddie Sturgeon Department C-67 619-450-7067
Hon. Timothy Taylor Department C-72 619-450-7072
Hon. Richard S. Whitney Department C-68 619-450-7068