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Civil Court Case Imaging FAQs

An imaged case is a Civil case in which all the documents in the case have been digitally imaged and can be viewed electronically on computers, kiosks, and other devices.

Central Division – Newly initiated cases filed from August 1, 2011.  East County and South County imaged cases are now part of Central Division imaging. 

North County Division – All newly initiated civil cases filed on or after August 1, 2012 for Civil or Civil related departments.

Please refer to the Court's website at www.sdcourt.ca.gov, Civil Section, for a complete list of departments and implementation dates for imaging.

"[IMAGED]" will appear in the case title of the search results.

No. Pursuant to Government Code section 68150 and California Rules of Court, rule 2.504, the electronic court file in Imaged Program cases is certified as the official record of the court.

Imaged files are available on the Court's website or can be accessed at a public kiosk in the Business Office at the following locations:

  • Central Division Civil
  • East County Divisions
  • South County Division
  • North County Civil

Imaged documents can be purchased from the Court's website via the Register of Actions (ROA) or can be purchased at a public kiosk in the Civil Business Office listed in #5 above.

  • From the Register of Actions link on the public website:

    • Viewing the summary of filings, participant, calendar events and court proceedings is free.  You need to purchase case documents in order to view or download them.  The cost to purchase documents is:

      • $7.50 – fee for each document (up to 10 pages).
      • $0.07 – fee for each additional document page for a document with more than 10 pages (maximum of $40.00 per document).
    • The downloading of ROA documents online for Government agencies and persons with fee waivers is not available at this time.
  • From the Business Office Kiosks:
    • Viewing the summary of filings, participant, calendar events and court proceeding is free, and viewing case documents is free.  There is a charge for printing any of these pages:

      • $0.50 – fee for each page of a document printed from the ROA kiosk in the Civil Business Office listed in #5 above

The kiosks are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

20 minutes, if there is a line.

Data that includes the search results and case Register of Actions information are updated almost immediately.