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Superior Court of California - County of San Diego: Civil: Alternative Dispute Resolution: Locations

ADR Offices and Contacts


Mediation and Settlement Conferences

Division Location Phone #
North County Civil Business Office
325 South Melrose Drive, Suite 1000
Vista, CA 92081


Arbitration and Mediation

Division Location Phone #
Central Civil Business Office
330 West Broadway, Room 225
San Diego, CA 92101

Settlement Conferences

Judge Location Phone #
Hon. Lorna A. AlksneDepartment Presiding619-844-2100
Hon. Katherine BacalDepartment C-69619-450-7069
Hon. Wendy M. BehanDepartment N-14760-201-8014
Hon. Jay M. BloomDepartment C-2202619-844-2222
Hon. Joseph P. BranniganDepartment 1703619-844-2173
Hon. Carolyn M. CaiettiDepartment C-70619-450-7070
Hon. Robert P. DahlquistDepartment N-29760-201-8029
Hon. Francis DevaneyDepartment C-1802619-844-2182
Hon. Kevin A. EnrightDepartment C-2103619-844-2213
Hon. Ronald F. FrazierDepartment C-65619-450-7065
Hon. Cynthia A. FreelandDepartment N-27760-201-8027
Hon. Loren G. FreestoneDepartment C-701619-844-2071
Hon. Maureen F. HallahanDepartment C-1501619-844-2151
Hon. Keri G. KatzDepartment C-74619-450-7074
Hon. Frederick L. LinkDepartment C-2201619-844-2221
Hon. Robert LongstrethDepartment C-1603619-844-2163
Hon. James A. MangioneDepartment C-901619-844-2091
Hon. Marcella O. McLaughlinDepartment C-602619-844-2062
Hon. Kenneth J. MedelDepartment C-66619-450-7066
Hon. John S. MeyerDepartment C-64619-450-7064
Hon. David M. RubinDepartment C-1604619-844-2164
Hon. Kenneth K. SoDepartment C-2004619-844-2204
Hon. Eddie SturgeonDepartment C-67619-450-7067
Hon. Timothy TaylorDepartment C-72619-450-7072
Hon. Richard S. WhitneyDepartment C-68619-450-7068

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all hearings will be conducted remotely until further notice. Absent an order of the court, personal appearances at the hearing will not be allowed. Please contact the department that your hearing is assigned to for directions on how to appear for your settlement conference.

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