Criminal Frequently Asked Questions

You and/or your attorney must appear on the date and time indicated on your paperwork. Failure to appear may result in a warrant issued for your arrest and/or a civil assessment imposed.

Copies may be requested in person at the counter at the location where the case was filed or by mailing a request to the location where the case was filed. Fees may apply. Copies of sealed or confidential documents or case files may not be available without a court order.

For information regarding defendants who are presently in jail, contact the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

You may retain an attorney to represent you at any stage of the proceedings. If you qualify and you do not have the financial means to hire an attorney, the court may appoint an attorney to represent you. You may be ordered to pay court-appointed attorney fees.

To request an interpreter, a party should submit the Interpreter Request/Cancellation form (SDSC Form #ADM-348) as far in advance of the hearing as possible. Find more information on the Court’s Language Access page.