General Probate FAQ

The court's attorneys and personnel are prohibited by law from advising persons regarding their individual legal problems. You should obtain an attorney of your own choice to answer questions or assist with legal matters.

There is no list. However, posting for upcoming petitions in the Central District can be found on the third floor business office in the viewing room.

The court does not provide such a list.

If the matter is taken off-calendar, you can request that the petition be reset by writing a letter and submitting it to the probate examiner assigned to your case. All defects except notice must be cleared prior to the matter being put back on calendar. If too much time has elapsed, you may need to file a new petition. Depending on the circumstances, re-notice, including re-publication, may be necessary.

Court offices are open during lunchtime with limited staff.

The Probate court does not charge a first appearance fee; rather a paper fee per petition is charged as set forth in the government code.