When You Get To Juvenile Court

Dress Code

Proper attire for a court appearance displays respect for the court and shows the court that you take your case seriously.  Persons who are not properly dressed will be required to remove or adjust improperly worn clothing. 

  1. Pants must not sag below the waist or be worn in such a manner that otherwise exposes undergarments.
  2. Tank tops, strapless tops, shorts, mini-skirts, and other clothing revealing excessive skin shall not be worn.
  3. Baseball hats, stocking caps and knit caps must not be worn in the courtroom.
  4. Clothing must not display inappropriate writing or pictures, including references to violence, alcohol, drugs, or sexual matter.
  5. For safety reasons, clothing with predominant colors that could be interpreted as symbol of gang association must not be worn. Other items, tattoos, and symbols associated with gang activity must not be displayed.

Conduct in the Juvenile Courthouse

All persons entering the Juvenile Courthouse must follow the procedures described below:

  1. Children must come to court with a parent or legal guardian.
  2. Children and their parents or guardians must check in at the time written on the notice to appear.  Thereafter they must sit in the waiting area for the courtroom in which their hearing will be held and respond when their name is called by going to the courtroom door to meet attorneys, probation officers, and/or court staff who are working on their case.
  3. Glass containers may not be brought into the public areas of the building.
  4. Food, drinks, and chewing gum are not permitted in the courtroom.
  5. It is unlawful for minors to possess or smoke tobacco products. Violators are subject to arrest by law enforcement officers on duty at the courthouse.
  6. Cell phones, alarms and any other electronic devices must be turned off or in vibrate mode while in the courthouse.  If they make an audible noise in the courtroom, the bailiff will confiscate them.

Weapons Notification

Penal Code Section 171b prohibits bringing weapons and dangerous items into the courthouse.  Items not allowed in the courthouse will be confiscated by a Sheriff's deputy.  Refusal to submit to a search will result in denial of entry.

Items not allowed in court facilities:

Any firearms Knives of ANY type or blade size Sharp items
Stun guns Scissors Pieces of heavy-duty wire
Gun-shaped lighters Razors or box cutters Chains over 24 inches in length
Toy or replica guns "X-Acto" type tools Laser pointers
BB or pellet guns Screwdrivers Skateboards
All bullets and ammunition Pliers Skates
Aerosol spray cans (large cans of hair spray) Wrenches Needles/syringe (non-diabetic or without a prescription)
Tear gas Hammers Handcuffs
Animal repellent Ice picks Handcuff keys
Torch lighters Darts Tape recording devices
Butane fuel Letter openers Camera and/or video equipment
Excess clothing beyond what is reasonable for personal use and current weather conditions Food and drink other than water (Meadow Lark location only) Other items that present a safety concern as determined by Sheriff's Department

Parking at the courthouses is free to the public. Do not park in spaces marked "RESERVED." Unauthorized vehicles parked in those spaces will be ticketed.

The Children’s Waiting Room is open between 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at no cost. It is located on the first floor.

Copy machines are not available to the public, but Business Office staff will make a limited number of copies of documents contained in court files. The fee for copying is 50 cents per page.

Accomodations for Persons with Disabilities Using Court Facilities