Executive Office

As provided by the California Constitution, judges are initially appointed by the Governor to serve on the Superior Court bench. At the end of each judge's six-year term, they stand for re-election in county-wide elections.

Executive Committee
Presiding Judge Maureen F. Hallahan


Assistant Presiding Judge:
Judge Michael S. Groch

Supervising Judges:
Judge Ana España
Judge Roderick W. Shelton
Judge Katherine Bacal
Judge Enrique Camarena
Judge Frank L. Birchak
Judge Brad A. Weinreb
Judge Laura H. Miller

At-Large Members:
Judge Robert O. Amador
Judge Cindy D. Davis
Judge Kenneth J. Medel
Judge Dwayne K. Moring
Judge Terrie E. Roberts
Judge Paula S. Rosenstein
Judge Theodore M. Weathers

Ex Officio Member:
Judge Michael T. Smyth


See a listing of all current judges and their department assignments.

The Executive Office has overall responsibility for the administrative management of Superior Court operations.

Executive Team:
Michael Roddy, Executive Officer
Jeff Gately, Assistant Executive Officer
Lyn Bell, Chief Financial Officer & Human Resources Director
Jake Pison, Chief Information Officer
Susanne Koski, Director, Legal Services
Cathy McCoy, Branch Director, Central Division
Adriana Anzalone, Branch Director, South County Division
Natasha Tibbs, Branch Director, East County Division
Kimberly Stucker, Branch Director, North County Division
Emily Cox, Public Affairs Officer