Appeals - Parking Tickets

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets are processed by the issuing agency.  Refer to the instructions on the reverse side of your parking ticket for information regarding payment, failure to respond and contesting the ticket.

If you believe that a parking ticket was issued in error, you must first contact the issuing agency to request an administrative review hearing to dispute or contest the ticket.

There are three (3) levels of review/appeal for a parking ticket.  Each step in the process must be taken in order and initiated within strict timeframes.  No step can be skipped in favor of jumping to another step.

  1. Administrative Review:  The first step in the process is to request an Administrative Review through the Issuing Agency to determine if the ticket was validly issued.  Contact the Issuing Agency on the reverse side of your ticket as instructed.
  2. Administrative Hearing:  If you are not satisfied with the Administrative Review, you can present your case to an Administrative Hearing Officer.  This is the second step of the review/appeal process.  Contact the Issuing Agency for further information.
  3. Superior Court:  If the decision of the Administrative Hearing Officer is not to your satisfaction, the decision can be appealed to the Superior Court.  The court will take a fresh look at the facts surrounding the issuance of the ticket and the materials presented in support of having the ticket dismissed.  Once a decision has been given by the court, there is no further appeal.  The court's decision is final.

To appeal the decision of the Administrative Hearing Officer, the contestant must file an appeal with the Superior Court within 30 days of the issuing agency's final decision.  The Notice of Appeal – Administrative Parking Hearing form must be filed at the appropriate court location, along with the required court fee (refer to the current fee schedule).