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Superior Court of California - County of San Diego: Probate: Probate Examiner Notes

Probate Examiner Notes

Probate Examiner Notes (Probate Notes) are summaries prepared by the probate examiner after reviewing your petition. This summary is transmitted to the probate judge and may assist him/her during their review of the matter. Probate Notes will include an identification of the parties involved in the matter, the relief sought, summaries of reports and objections, and a listing of deficiencies in your petition.

Viewing / Responding to Probate Notes

A petition with deficiencies will show up on your notes as a question or a statement preceded by the word NEED under a category entitled DEFECTS. If there are defects on your Probate Notes, please respond to that question or statement before the matter is heard by the court by filing the appropriate document(s). Parties can respond to defects by drafting a supplement, amendment or filling out and completing the Response to Probate Notes (SDSC Form #PR-177). Certain defects may also require the filing of an amended petition. See Cal. Rule of Court, rule 7.3 for definitions of these terms and to determine what document is appropriate. All filings must be made at least 5 court days prior to your hearing to be considered.

NOTE: A Judicial Council form must not be used for an amendment or supplement to a pleading. (Cal. Rule of Court, rule 7.104(a)(3) & 7.104(b)(2))

Click here to view Probate Examiner Notes

The probate examiner notes will be available on this website through the day of the hearing. The notes will be updated, if necessary, after filing of additional documents or responses, and the update will ordinarily be posted to this website each evening.

How to Contact a Probate Examiner

The name of the probate examiner assigned to your petition is listed at the beginning of the Probate Notes. You may contact your probate examiner by email for clarification of the Probate Notes or to request a continuance. To email the probate examiner carefully read the parameters set forth here. You may also call your Examiner to discuss your Probate Notes. Click here for times of availability.

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NOTE: Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the documents placed on the website, but the court is not responsible for delays, errors or omissions in these web pages. The official court documents are those filed with the case record, and any questions should be directed to the probate business office.

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