Professional Providers of Supervised Visitation (PPSV) List



Supervised Visitation can be defined as visitation limited to special situations where a third party, ordered by the court, is present with the visiting party during the period of visitation. A Professional Provider of Supervised Visitation is any person paid for providing supervised child visitation services, or an independent contractor, employee, intern, or volunteer operating independently or through a supervised visitation center or agency. Compensation arrangements must be made between the parties and the provider. The court maintains a Professional Providers of Supervised Visitation (PPSV) List and provides it to parties when professional supervised visitation is ordered by a judicial officer.

There is no regulatory agency in California that oversees or monitors professional providers of supervised visitation, and no licensing or certification process, the PPSV List includes professional providers who have self-identified that they have met the minimum requirements. It is not an exhaustive list of all professional supervised visitation providers. It is the parties’ responsibility to select a professional provider of supervised visitation. Unless otherwise ordered by the court, litigants may select a provider not listed on the court’s PPSV list.

The providers on the PPSV List are not affiliated with, are not under contract with, and are not operated by the court. The court does not endorse, recommend, evaluate, screen, supervise, or monitor the listed providers or their facilities. The court does not verify any of the information provided by the providers. Thus, parties must contact professional providers directly for relevant information regarding services and to verify any information set forth in the PPSV List. A parent wishing to verify TrustLine registration of a professional provider of supervised visitation must call TrustLine at 1-800-822-8490.

Inclusion on the PPSV List does not create any contract between the provider and the court, nor does it create any employment rights, express or implied, on behalf of the professional provider of supervised visitation. Inclusion on the PPSV List does not create any rights whatsoever in the nature of a contract. The court is not a party to any transaction between the party and the provider, and is not liable for the cost of any services. The court is not responsible or liable in any way for the acts, omissions, or services of any of the listed providers, or for any other action taken based upon the information provided in the PPSV List. The court is also not responsible for any damages arising directly or indirectly from services provided by any of the listed professional providers of supervised visitation.

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Professional providers of supervised visitation who would like to be considered for inclusion on the court’s Professional Providers of Supervised Visitation (PPSV) List, are encouraged to review the court’s PPSV policy (SDSC Form #ADM-390) for complete requirements. Providers must:

Completed forms and documentation can be sent via email: [email protected].

Or mailed to:
PPSV List Coordinator
San Diego Superior Court
P.O. Box 122724
San Diego, CA 92112-2724