San Diego Superior Court Judge Keri G. Katz Retires

Mar 08, 2024
Judge Keri Katz

The Honorable Keri G. Katz recently completed her last day on the Superior Court bench, after providing dedicated service to the San Diego legal community for over 37 years. Judge Katz began her legal career in 1987 as a deputy city attorney with the San Diego City Attorney’s Office. Since then, she has enjoyed every single day working on behalf of San Diegans as an attorney, superior court commissioner, and judge.

“Judicial officers have a tremendous impact on the lives of defendants, victims, civil litigants, and those that may not be directly impacted by the legal system but are affected by our interpretation of laws and imposition of sentences,” said Judge Katz. “Over the last 38 years, I hope I have had a positive impact on the lives of all these individuals with a focus on justice and equity. I will miss serving the citizens of San Diego daily but will continue to seek out ways to serve this community in my retirement.” 

As a deputy city attorney from 1986-2007, Judge Katz handled the defense and prosecution of civil lawsuits involving the City of San Diego. While serving in this role, Judge Katz was promoted to several leadership positions within the office. She served as head deputy city attorney supervising the Public Works Division before being appointed as the Assistant City Attorney in charge of the San Diego City Attorney’s Civil Division in recognition of her committed leadership. In this assignment, Judge Katz also served as a Chief Legal Advisor to the Mayor and worked on the mayor’s executive management team providing legal guidance and support to the mayor and city council.

After working for the City of San Diego, Judge Katz was honored to be selected and appointed by the judges of the San Diego Superior Court to become a court commissioner. As a Superior Court Commissioner, she served in various arraignment departments as well as the family law division. 

In February 2014, Judge Katz was recognized for her exemplary work and was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown as a Superior Court Judge. Since then, Judge Katz has handled thousands of criminal and family law matters. She also served as the Assistant Supervising Judge for the South County Division. Judge Katz’s last judicial assignment was in a civil independent calendar where she handles hundreds of matters in all areas of civil law with an emphasis on construction matters. Judge Katz presided over complex civil trials, civil motions, and settlement conferences.

“Judge Keri Katz has contributed greatly to our court, serving the public with a strong work ethic and calm presence. In her time on the bench, she served in many different assignments and took on each new role with enthusiasm, excited for the challenges that lie ahead,” said Presiding Judge Maureen F. Hallahan. “Her kind, thoughtful, and respectful demeanor, coupled with her broad knowledge of the law, and her ability to deliver her decisions with both compassion and clarity made her an invaluable part of the San Diego Superior Court bench. Judge Katz also has a special connection with jurors, making sure they understand how critical their role is in our justice system and how much we appreciate them. Personally, I am grateful for the time we served together in the family law division as I observed how deeply she cared about helping the parties through that very difficult time in their lives. Judge Katz’s well-deserved retirement is a loss for our court. We will miss her and wish her all the best.”

“I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to work with committed colleagues, attorneys, clerks, sheriff deputies, interpreters, court reporters, and all those who work tirelessly to support the citizens of California,” said Judge Katz.

Judge Katz’s service to the San Diego Superior Court was highlighted by her work on several Superior Court committees. Judge Katz also served as an adjunct professor for California Western School of Law. She has been active in several legal organizations, including the National Association of Women Judges, Lawyers Club of San Diego, San Diego County Bar Association, and the San Diego County Judges Association for which she served as president in 2015.

In retirement, Judge Katz plans to work in the civil litigation community and spend more time with her family, especially her granddaughter Elsie.