Cameras in the Courtroom

Cameras in the Courtroom

California law allows accredited news organizations to videotape/photograph court proceedings in the Superior Court if permitted by the judicial officer handling the case (to see Media and the Juvenile Court, click here). Each judge or commissioner has discretion whether to allow a camera in his or her courtroom.

California Rules of Court, rule 1.150 - Cameras in the Courtroom Rule

Rule 1.150 (formerly known as Rule 980) relates to media coverage of courtroom proceedings. "Media coverage" means any photographing, recording, or broadcasting of court proceedings by the media using television, radio, photographic, or recording equipment. "Media" or "media agency" means any person or organization engaging in news gathering or reporting and includes any newspaper, radio or television station or network, news service, magazine, trade paper, in-house publication, professional journal, or other news-reporting or news-gathering agency. For more information: Rule 1.150. Photographing, Recording, and Broadcasting in Court

Filing a Camera in the Courtroom Request - Forms and Process

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