Appellate Division Traffic Virtual Oral Arguments

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and pursuant to California Rules of Court, rule 8.929, the Appellate Division of the San Diego Superior Court (Court) will conduct oral arguments remotely. There will be no in-person oral arguments. You can attend the oral argument by video conferencing using the free Microsoft Teams App or by telephone if you are unable to attend by video.

Appellate Division Traffic MS Teams Link and Conference Phone Number

Preparing for the virtual oral argument

Days before the oral argument, download the free MS Teams App on your mobile device or computer. See instructions below for how to set up your device or computer with MS Teams to join by video conference.

  1. Instructions for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

  2. Instructions for personal computers running Microsoft Windows or Apple operating systems.

Joining the virtual oral argument

  1. From your device or computer, refer to the table below and click on the MS Teams link.

  2. Join the oral argument from a room with no or minimal background noise.

  3. Join the oral argument 30 minutes before the start time indicated in your Order setting oral argument so the courtroom clerk can check you in.

  4. If you are unable to access the videoconference or join by phone using the teleconference option (see table below), please call the courtroom clerk at (760) 201-8022.

Tips for participants who join the MS Teams meeting (video conferencing)

  1. Click on the MS Teams link assigned to the department that will hear your case. Refer to the instructions on setting up Teams on your device or computer if you have not done so.

  2. MS Teams will launch and show the following screen. Fill in the Enter name field with 'First Name Last Name - Party description' (for example: 'Amy Smith - Appellant' or 'Robert Jones - Attorney for Respondent'). Click Join Now and ensure you have muted your mic before joining as pictured.

  3. All participants will wait separately in a virtual lobby. You will see a screen indicating 'Someone in the meeting should let you in soon'. The courtroom clerk will admit you into the oral argument when ready to do so. Please wait patiently and do not exit the lobby if you are not immediately admitted. If you have joined the meeting early, or if the Court is delayed, the lobby may time out. If this occurs, please re-join the meeting.

  4. After the courtroom clerk admits you into the meeting, you will hear and see the courtroom and other participants. The courtroom clerk may ask you to confirm your name and address. Please unmute your mic and enable your camera.

  5. If a participant is experiencing poor video quality during an oral argument or cannot maintain a connection through the desktop app or web version, they can join by phone (teleconferencing option).

Tips for participants who join the oral argument by telephone (teleconferencing)

  1. Participants who are unable to unable to join by videoconference can join the oral argument by telephone by dialing the MS Teams conference number and then entering the conference ID followed by # as listed in the table below.
    Muting and unmuting your phone:
    1. Press * 6 to mute or unmute your phone, or if your phone has a mute button, you may use that instead.
    2. The Court can also mute participants who have joined the oral argument by telephone.

  2. Participants should not place the Court on hold, or put the phone on speakerphone, as this will decrease audio quality.

  3. Please refer to the safety tip section below before calling into the oral argument.