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Superior Court of California - County of San Diego: General Information: Information Regarding COVID-19

Information Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Court Operations

Updated: 7/15/2021

The San Diego Superior Court has restored additional in-person access in the wake of updated state and local public health guidance that allows for the relaxing of certain COVID-19 safety protocols. Public access has generally reverted to pre-pandemic levels while many of the recently introduced online and remote options remain available.

In accordance with state and local public health guidance, facial coverings are optional for members of the public who are fully vaccinated. Those who are not yet vaccinated are required to wear facial coverings. Those who are not feeling well, exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or who are subject to an isolation/quarantine order are asked to stay home and seek assistance online, by telephone or via mail. Individuals seeking emergency services who fall into any of these categories, or unvaccinated individuals who are exempt from wearing a face covering under state guidance, will be assisted outside the courthouse or provided with an alternative accommodation.

Hand sanitizer stations remain widely available in public spaces within the courthouses. As recommended, higher-rated MERV-13 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) filters have been installed at all facilities to reduce airborne particles and fresh air circulation has been increased throughout the court facilities where possible. The Court continues to implement increased cleaning of all high-touch areas in the courthouses, including door handles and elevator buttons.

This page contains updates regarding the Court’s operations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Any additional changes or updates will be posted on this page and communicated as appropriate.

San Diego Superior Court Service Modifications Following COVID-19

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