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  • San Diego Superior Court Local forms listed below are available in fillable format. FAQ's are provided for your assistance in filling out the forms.
  • For your convenience a link is provided to the California Judicial Council's Forms page. Fillable forms are also available on the Judicial Council Forms page.
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Not all court forms are available for download at this time. If the form you want is not on the list, please visit the appropriate business office to obtain your specific form.  

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Family Law Packets

Dissolution (Judgment) Packet
PKT-003 (Rev: 01/21)

Dissolution Packet
PKT-004 (Rev: 01/21)

Dissolution (Summary) Packet
PKT-005 (Rev: 09/19)

Domestic Violence Restraining Order - Applicant Packet
PKT-006 (Rev: 09/20)

Domestic Violence - Restraining Order Respondent
PKT-007 (Rev: 01/20)

Domestic Violence - Restraining Order with Children Packet
PKT-008 (Rev: 05/20)

Fee Waiver Packet
PKT-010 (Rev: 01/21)

Findings and Order After Hearing
PKT-011 (Rev: 01/21)

Guardianship of the Person Packet
PKT-012 (Rev: 01/20)

Joinder Packet - Family Law Packet
PKT-034 (Rev: 04/20)

Parentage (Judgment) Packet
PKT-013 (Rev: 01/21)

Request for Order Packet
PKT-015 (Rev: 01/21)

Request to Reschedule Hearing
PKT-051 (New: 07/20)

Parentage Packet
PKT-017 (Rev: 01/21)

Local Family & Children Forms

Access to Information Made Simple (AIMS)  
FLF-036 (New: 10/17)
Adoption Assistance  
FLF-040 (New: 12/19)
Application and Order for Service on Clerk of the Court  
D-135 (Rev: 5/14)
Attached Declaration in Support of Modification of Child Support  
FLF-007 (New: 08/09)
Attached Declaration In Support of Request for Child Custody / Visitation Orders  
FLF-011 (New: 06/10)
Attachment 6d to JC Form #FL-170  
D-262 (New: 01/13) (Includes JC Form #FL-170)
Child Custody and Child Support Attachment  
D-294A (New: 3/19)
Como Desarrollar un Plan de Custodia y Crianza – Guía para Padres  
FCS-058s (New 9/12)
Consent to Custody of an Indian Child to Non-Parent and Court Certification  
D-243 (New: 04/09)
Declaración Preparatoria en Conjunto Conferencia Obligatoria de Resolución  
D-274S (New: 10/18)
Declaration Alleging Domestic Violence for Separate Family Court Services Session (English)  
FCS-017 (Rev: 8/15)
Declaración Para Sesión Por Separado Con Los Servicios Familiares Del Tribunal Por Alegación De Violencia Domestica (Spanish)  
FCS-017S (Rev: 8/15)
Declaration and Order for Payment of Attorney Fees and Costs  
D-137 (Rev: 05/09)
Declaration in Support of Application for Emergency Temporary Order - Family Law  
FLF-028 (Rev: 09/13)
Declaration of Authorized Persons From Child Abduction Unit to Inspect and Copy Confidential Family Court File  
D-293 (New: 12/18)
Declaration Regarding Child Support Factors  
FLF-014 (New: 02/11)
Defendant/Respondent Information for Order Appointing Attorney Under Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)  
ADM-260 (New: 11/09)
Developing A Child Custody Parenting Plan – Handbook for Parents  
FCS-058 (New: 02/12)
Directions to Central Division Family Court Services Office  
FCS-065 (Rev: 11/17)
Due Diligence Declaration (Attempts to Locate Respondent / Citee  
D-006 (Rev: 04/06)
Electronic Filing Requirements (Family)  
D-305 (New: 06/21)
Ex Parte Application And Order - Family Law  
D-046 (Rev: 11/10)
Ex Parte Request and Order to Terminate Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order  
D-001 (Rev: 7/16)
Family Centered Case Resolution Process General Information   
D-080 (Rev: 10/20)
Family Court Services Brochure  
SDSC FCS-047 (Rev: 11/11)
Family Court Services Child Custody Recommending Counseling Information Sheet  
FCS-022 (Rev: 05/20)
Serviceios del Tribunal de lo Familiar Informacion Referente a la Asesoria para Recomendaciones de Custodia de Menores  
FCS-022S (New: 05/20)
Family Court Services Complaint Form  
FCS-044 (Rev: 08/13)
Family Court Services Domestic Violence Support Person Agreement   
FCS-038 (Rev: 08/11)
Juzgado de lo Familiar Servicios De Vilolencia Intrafamiliar Acuerdo de la Persona de Apoyo  
FCS-038S (New: 5/16)
Family Court Services (FCS) Data Sheet (Confidential)  
FCS-002 (Rev: 06/20)
Servicios Familiares del Tribunal Datos (FCS) Para la Sesión (Confidencial)  
FCS-002S (Rev: 06/20)
Family Court Services (FCS) Questionnaire Regarding Application for Permission for Minor(s) to Marry or Establish Domestic Partnership  
FCS-067 (New: 12/18)
Family Court Services Screening Form (Confidential)  
FCS-046 (Rev. 01/17)
Family Law Certificate of Assignment - Venue Declaration  
D-049 (Rev: 04/16)
Family Law Facilitator Customer Complaint Form  
FLF-008 (Rev: 12/17)
Family Law Facilitator's Office Self Help Locations and Information  
FLF-006 (Rev: 07/19)
Family Law Self-Help General Information  
D-280 (Rev. 12/17)
Family Support Division Hearing Information - Central  
FSD-003 (New: 11/19)
Información Para Las Audiencias en La División de Apoyo Familar - Centro  
FSD-003S (New: 11/19)
Family Support Division Information - Central  
FSD-005 (Rev: 06/21)
Finishing Your Case  
FLF-030 (New: 04/14)
Guardianship Assistance Program  
FLF-001 (Rev: 07/17)
Programa de Asistencia Para Casos de Tutela  
FLF-001S (New: 10/19)
Guardianship Questionnaire  
FCS-045 (Rev: 06/17)
Indicaciones Para Llegar Al Centro de Apoyo a la Familia, Division Central  
FCS-065S (Rev: 11/17)
Interim Order for PERS, STRS and ERISA Plans  
{Formerly Appendix I under the 2008 Local Family Law Rules of Court. Form number to be assigned}
Interim Order for Processing Re: Survivor Benefits  
{Formerly Appendix J under the 2008 Local Family Law Rules of Court. Form number to be assigned}
Job Contacts  
D-044 (Rev: 06/18)
Job Contacts Attachment  
D-044A (New. 06/18)
Joint Readiness Declaration Mandatory Settlement Conference  
D-274 (Rev: 06-18)

Lodged Documents
ADM-378 (New: 03/19)
Mandatory Settlement Conference Brief - Long Cause Hearing Brief - Trial Brief  
D-241 (Rev: 01/13)
Mandatory Settlement Conference General Information   
D-047 (Rev: 07/19)
Mandatory Settlement Conference Term Sheet-Dissolution of Marriage  
D-294 (New: 3/19)
Notice of Intent to Lodge Documents  
D-235 (Rev: 12/11)
Notice of Pending Matter before a Privately Compensated Temporary Judge  
D-010 (Rev: 11/08)
Order for Removal from Residence  
D-072 (Rev: 05/16)
Order Setting Aside Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage/Order for Dismissal (Parties Reconciled)  
D-050 (Rev: 08/08)

Peremptory Challenge
ADM-381 (New: 06/19)
Pleading on Joinder - Request for Award of Custody to Claimant(s)  
D-236 (Rev: 01/10)
Request and Order to Correct Party Name and Case Caption (Family Law)  
D-304 (Rev: 06/21)
Request to Appear by Telephone and Order (Family - Non-Governmental)  
D-259 (Rev: 01/21)

Responsive Declaration to Request for Order
FL-320 (Rev: 07/11)
Self-Represented Family Case Resolution Conference (SFRC) Orders  
D-281 (Rev: 11/17)
Self-Represented Litigant (SRL) Trial Readiness Resource List  
FLF-029 (New: 06/17)
Procedure For Walk-in Assistance  
FLF-035 (Rev: 01/18)
Stipulation and Order for Appointment of Privately Compensated Temporary Judge With Oath of Office  
D-008 (Rev. 07/19)
Stipulation and Order - Short Form  
D-035 (Rev: 06/18)
Stipulation and Order - Short Form Attachment  
D-035A (New: 06/18)
Stipulation and Order on Request for Order - Long Form   
D-036 (Rev: 07/12)
Stipulation for Court Commissioner to Act as Temporary Judge for All Purposes  
D-204 (Rev: 4/12)
Stipulation for Entry of Judgment Re Custody and Support  
D-289 (Rev: 12/19)
Termination of Guardianship Questionnaire  
FCS-039 (Rev: 12/17)
Verification of Disability  
D-248 (Rev: 12/19)

Judicial Council Family & Children Forms

Family Law - Dissolution, Legal Separation and Annulment FL-100 - 199

Family Law - Parentage Actions FL-200 - 299

Family Law - Motions and Attachments FL-300 - 399

Family Law - Enforcement FL-400 - 499

Family Law - Interstate Actions FL-500 - 599

Family Law - Governmental Child Support FL-600 - 699

Family Law - Summary Dissolutions FL-800 - 899

Family Law - Miscellaneous FL-900 - 999

Federal Child Support Forms

Registration Statement
OMB 970-0085 U

Other Federal Child Support Forms

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