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Hall of Justice

Superior Court of California - County of San Diego: General Information: Rules of Court: Department Rules: Department 65
Department 65 Policies and Procedures - Honorable Ronald F. Frazier
Central Civil Division - Hall of Justice
Rev: April 28, 2021

Honorable Ronald F. Frazier, Presiding

Phone Numbers:

Courtroom: (619) 450-7065
Calendar:   (619) 450-7303 (Phone hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.)

  1. Ex Parte – Ex Parte appearances are by reservation only on Monday and Thursday at 8:30am and at any other times the court may designate. Reservations are to be made by contacting the Calendar Clerk at (619) 450-7304. All Ex-Parte papers and fees are due by 10:00 am the day before the hearing in the Department 65 drop box on the second floor of the Business Office. If you find that you will not be appearing after reserving your date, please contact the department to cancel the Ex-Parte. Please note ex parte appearances for order shortening time (OST) are strongly discouraged. The Court requires courtesy copies for all E-filed documents delivered directly to the courtroom on all ex parte hearings prior to the hearing.

  2. Guardian Ad Litem / Publication of Summons – Petitions for appointment of Guardian Ad Litem and applications for orders for publication of summons may be made ex parte without the necessity of an appearance. The moving papers shall be submitted for review by the court and the court may set a hearing if such hearing is deemed necessary. Guardian Ad Litem applications will not be granted ex parte unless the moving party submits a declaration showing: a) the minor is not the subject of a juvenile dependency; b) the minor is not the subject of a probate guardianship, and c) if the parents are not living together, attaching a copy of the current child custody order.

  3. Law and Motion – Noticed motion hearings are by reservation only. To reserve a date, contact the calendar clerk at the number provided above. Motions are set on Fridays at 8:30 a.m. Tentative rulings are normally available after 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, one day prior to the hearing. The Court requires courtesy copies for all E-filed documents delivered directly to the courtroom on all motion hearings.

    Discovery Motions – Prior to filing any discovery motion(s), a noticed pre-motion informal discovery conference is mandatory in all cases. Informal discovery conferences are by reservation only. The Court makes itself available for informal discovery conferences on Tuesday mornings in thirty-minute time slots. To reserve a date, contact the calendar clerk at the number provided above.

    The moving party is required to meet and confer with the opposing party to select a mutually agreeable date for the informal discovery conference. If the parties are unable to agree on a date for the conference, the moving party is required to obtain a date sufficiently in advance to provide the opposing party with at least ten days’ notice.

    No briefs are to be filed with the Court for the informal discovery conference. The parties are requested to exchange and deliver one-page summaries directly to Department 65 no later than the Friday prior to the conference. The parties should be prepared to explain the issues in dispute during the conference. The conference is an informal process intended to encourage resolution of discovery disputes by engaging in meaningful discussion with the benefit of the Court’s input before any motion papers are filed.

    The deadline to file a discovery motion is tolled from the date of service of the notice of informal discovery conference (as long as the deadline has not yet expired) through the date of completion of the informal discovery conference. No motion to compel discovery may be filed until after completion of a conference as to the discovery in dispute.

  4. Case Management Conference – Case Management Conferences are heard on Friday mornings, or at such other times as the court may designate.

  5. Continuances - Stipulated requests to continue any applicable dates and deadlines may be made by written stipulation. Please provide a proposed order with any stipulation. Disputed requests for continuances should be made by way of a noticed motion or an ex parte application. Please review Rules 3.1200 through 3.1207 in connection with any ex parte application. Request to continue Trial, Trial Readiness Conference and Motion Cut-off dates may be requested by stipulation and proposed order. The Court will review the stipulation and proposed order and if necessary will call the parties to schedule an Ex-Parte hearing.

  6. Trial Readiness Conference – Trial Readiness Conferences are heard on Fridays at 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise designated by the court. A Joint Trial Readiness Report is to be filed at the time of the hearing. Trial counsel are to be personally present. The exhibit list is to have objections noted.

  7. Trial Calls – Trials calls are set on Fridays at 9:45 a.m. unless otherwise designated by the court. Trial counsel are to be personally present. At the trial call for jury trials, the parties are expected to provide the following materials: A Trial Binder with the following included: 1. Table of contents 2. Joint Trial Readiness Report 3. Limine motions and oppositions and index of Limine motions 4. Copy of Joint Witness List. Listing the witness as either percipient or expert. 5. Copy of Joint Exhibit List (follow grids format – see attachment to ADR, with objections noted) 6. Copy of Trial Briefs 7. Joint Statement of the Case 8. Voir Dire questions counsel requests court to ask 9. Jury Instructions – packet of agreed upon instructions and packet of not agreed upon instructions with a post-it note indicating who opposes the instruction 10. Special Verdict Form – either an agreed upon form or each side’s proposed Special Verdict Form 10. Copy of the operative pleading, ie: complaints and answers. Counsel are to email the clerk in Word format the final joint exhibit and witness list and the motion in limine index prior to commencement of trial. The email address will be provided to counsel at trial call. Each counsel is ordered to telephone the Court Clerk (619) 450-7065, prior to 10:00 a.m. on the day before the initial trial call date to report: 1) their readiness for trial, 2) the estimated trial length and 3) whether a jury will be required.

  8. Telephonic Appearances – The California Rules of Court shall govern telephonic appearances. The Court requires personal appearances for Trial Readiness Conferences and Trial Calls.

Dept. 65 - Advance Trial Review Order

Policies and Procedures

Central Division - Central Courthouse
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