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Superior Court of California - County of San Diego: Family & Children: Family Law Imaging
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Family Law Imaging

On August 24, 2015, the San Diego Superior Court began the Family Court Imaging Program. All new Family Court cases initiated on or after August 24, 2015, have been and will be imaged and the electronic version of the document will be the official court record. The official court record is accessible at one of the many kiosks located in the Family Court Business Offices.

News Release Announcing Imaging

General Order - Imaging

Family Law Imaging FAQs

The following Family Law Departments have become part of this program effective August 24, 2015:


  • Dept. FC-1 - Commissioner Darlene A. White
  • Dept. FC-2 - Judge Enrique Camarena
  • Dept. FC-3 – Judge Keri G. Katz
  • Dept. FC-4 – Judge Paula S. Rosenstein
  • Dept. FC-5 – Judge Maureen F. Hallahan
  • Dept. FC-8 – Judge Matthew C. Braner
  • Dept. FC-9 - Judge Cindy D. Davis
  • Dept. 45 – Judge David Berry

Family Support Division - Central

  • Dept. 42 – Commissioner Adam Wertheimer
  • Dept. 43 – Commissioner Pennie K. McLaughlin
  • Dept. 44 – commissioner Terrie E. Roberts


  • Dept. N-15 – Commissioner William Y. Wood
  • Dept. N-16 – Judge Brad A. Weinreb
  • Dept. N-17 – Judge Pamela M. Parker
  • Dept. N-18 – Judge Michael D. Washington
  • Dept. N-19 – Commissioner Patti C. Ratekin

Family Support Division - North

  • Dept. N-34 – Commissioner Pennie K. McLaughlin


  • Dept. E-5 – Judge Robert Amador
  • Dept. E-6 – Judge Selena Dong Epley
  • Dept. E-7 – Commissioner Ernest M. Gross


  • Dept. S-4 – Commissioner James T. Atkins
  • Dept. S-6 – Judge Albert T. Harutunian III
  • Dept. S-17 – Judge Esteban Hernandez

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