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Superior Court of California - County of San Diego: Civil: Civil E-Filing

Civil Division E-Filing

Effective March 4, 2013, San Diego Superior Court will open up eFiling in its Central Civil Division. Attorneys and the public will now be able to file documents with the Court without physically coming into the courthouse.

Documents may be filed electronically in non-mandated civil cases in the Central Division where either: (1) the case is first initiated on or after March 4, 2013; or (2) the case is already pending as of March 3, 2013 and has been imaged by the court.

Also beginning March 4, 2013, certain case types will be subject to mandatory eFiling, including civil class actions, some consolidated and coordinated actions, and actions that are provisionally complex under CRC 3.400-3.403 (as set forth in the Civil Cover Sheet, Judicial Council form CM-010 – but not including construction defect actions). “Complex cases” included in mandatory filing are as follows: Antitrust/Trade Regulation, Mass Tort, Environmental/Toxic Tort, and Securities Litigation cases, as well as insurance coverage claims arising from these case types. Construction defect cases, currently being filed through the File & Serve Xpress (fka Lexis Nexis Fileand Serve) website, will continue to be filed through that system until further notice.

Click here for information on Civil Construction Defect Cases.

Links to eFiling

Click Here to eFile with the court’s eFiling vendor, One Legal, for civil cases filed in the Central Division (excluding construction defect). 

Click Here eFile with the court’s eFiling vendor, File & Serve Xpress (fka Lexis Nexis FileandServe)   for civil construction defect cases filed in the Central Division.

Reference Materials

Refer to eFiling General Order, Electronic Requirements, and Frequently Asked Questions below for additional information.

General Order - eFiling

Electronic Filing Requirements

Civil Court Case eFiling FAQs

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