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Superior Court of California - County of San Diego: General Information: Self-Help Center

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Welcome to San Diego Superior Court’s Self-Help Center

The goal of the Self-Help Center is to provide information that will explain and guide you through court processes and make it easier for you to handle your court case if you don't have a lawyer. You can:

  • learn about court procedures
  • find and fill out the forms you need
  • see what steps are involved as your case goes through court
  • see what assistance you can get in-person at the courthouses
  • find information about other helpful resources, both on-line and in-person

For your convenience, self-help services are available:

  • in person at courthouses
  • on-line

NOTE:  The rules for both in-person and on-line help are the same as for other help provided by court staff to the public. 

  • The information on the Self Help Center website, or provided to you in person by a Self-Help Center lawyer or staff person, is not legal advice.
  • The Self-Help Center lawyer is not your lawyer.  He or she is a lawyer who can help people who do not have their own lawyer.
  • You do not have an attorney-client privilege with the Self-Help Center staff or lawyer. What you say to the staff or lawyer is not confidential.
  • Parties on both sides of a case can get help from the Self-Help Center, and parties on both sides of a case may be helped by the same attorney or staff person at the Self-Help Center.
  • Self-Help Center services are free. Anyone who does not have their own lawyer can get help from the Self-Help Center.  It does not matter how much money you make.

(Some exceptions apply to in-person help from San Diego Volunteer Lawyers in Domestic Violence and Guardianship matters).

NEED HELP IN PERSON? Self-help services are available at courthouses of the San Diego Superior Court.

Self-Help service providers offer clinics at the courthouses, staffed by attorneys, paralegals, clerks, and trained volunteers. They can explain procedures and assist you in filling out the forms you need to file and process your case. Group workshops are also offered. These on-site services are available at all San Diego Superior Court facilities (except the Juvenile Court on Meadowlark Drive).
See a summary of services available, locations, hours, and phone numbers.

Clerks in the court business offices are also able to provide help about certain things, but they cannot provide legal advice.

For a quick discussion about legal information, plus a summary of what court staff can and cannot do, and how to obtain an attorney if you need one, click here.

Here are links to help you find an attorney:


Self-Help Services on San Diego Superior Court's Website
Civil Harassment
Restraining Orders


Domestic Violence
Restraining Orders

Family Law


Landlord-Tenant Cases
(Unlawful Detainer)

Small Claims


You can get more help at these websites:

Other general self-help information is available online at San Diego Superior Court's Home page.
Here's a sample of some frequently-needed information and related links:

  • Need to contact the court? See our Contact Page for information on how to visit or phone the multiple court locations in San Diego County.
  • Looking for a form? Here is the link to view all court Forms, both state and local.
  • Looking for information about a particular case or hearing date? Visit Case Search.

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