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Superior Court of California - County of San Diego: Probate: Probate Notes Email Parameters
Probate Notes Email Parameters

The Probate Notes E-mail Parameters sections must first be read before contacting Probate Examiners by e-mail.

The e-mail parameters set forth below allow a party to request a continuance, bring matters to the attention of the Examiner and to clarify probate notes. However, e-mails are not a substitute for filing a supplement or other document for purposes of clearing probate notes.

The e-mail address is as follows:

San Diego Superior Court,
Probate Department
Interactive E-mail Parameters

  • Purposes:
    • To alert the Examiner, who prepared the notes, that a document or documents were filed to clear the notes for matters in Probate Court if the hearing is within five court days and a defect remains uncleared;
    • To ask a question as to specific defects or issues;
    • To request a continuance (see guidelines below);
    • E-mail is not a substitute for a supplement or other document for purposes of clearing probate notes.
  • E-mail messages requesting a continuance shall conform to the following:
    • Requesting party is the petitioner and there is no opposition - may be continued with no appearance required;
    • There is an objector or multiple petitions and petitioners - continuance requires the agreement of all parties; petitioner must make this representation via email, prior to continuance being granted;
    • Requests for a continuance shall contain "continuance" and the date of hearing in the subject line.
  • E-mail messages addressing probate notes shall conform to the following:
    • May be sent only within two weeks of the hearing;
    • Five lines as to each defect or issue;
    • Limited to five defects;
    • Limited to one e-mail message per calendar matter per hearing date;
    • No attachments.
  • E-mail inquiries can be made after reviewing the calendar notes and shall include the following information:
    • E-mail is to be directed to the following address:

    • The "subject line" of the e-mail must reference the Examiner's name and the hearing date only, and if you are requesting a continuance indicate Continuance in the subject line.
    • General identifying information within the email message:
      • Department;
      • Case Number;
      • Case Name;
      • A reply telephone number for additional follow up.
    • Reference to the specific defect or issue; o If the hearing is within five court days and a defect remains uncleared, information intended to advise the Examiner documents were filed that should clear probate notes. That message should include title of document(s) and date(s) of filing.
  • Any e-mail communication with the court shall be simultaneously copied to all counsel and self-represented litigants. If an e-mail address is unavailable, a copy of the e-mail must be delivered by facsimile transmission. If a facsimile number is also unavailable, then a copy of the e-mail must be sent the same day by U.S. Mail. The method of service on all counsel and pro pers shall be disclosed to the Examiners in the original e-mail.
  • E-mail that does not comply with the above may not be reviewed.
  • All e-mail correspondence must be received three days prior to the hearing date and will be addressed on a priority basis according to hearing date. Probate Staff will make every effort to respond within 48 hours.

Sample E-mail Message

SUBJECT: Examiner's Name, Hearing date 5/26/09 * If continuance requested indicate "Continuance"

ATTORNEY FOR/SELF-REPRESENTED:                                   
TELEPHONE #: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
CASE NUMBER:                                 
CASE NAME: Estate of                        


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