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Superior Court of California - County of San Diego: General Information: Accessing Court Records: Records-Related Fees
Records-Related Fees

To view the court's complete fee schedule,†click here.


Ref# Records Related Fees  Code Section(s)  Total fee
 181 Certifying a copy of paper, record, or proceeding on file (copy fees not included*)  GC 70626(a)(4)  $25
 182 Certificate for which fee is not otherwise fixed; includes lis pendens (copy fees not included*)  GC 70626(a)(8)  $25
 183 Preparing a copy of any record, proceeding or paper on file (per side)  GC 70627(a)  $0.50
 184 Comparison of a copy with an original on file (per page)  GC 70627(b)  $ 1
 185 Searching records or files, for each search longer than 10 minutes  GC 70627(c)  $15
 186 Exemplification of record or other paper on file  GC 70628  $50
 187 Document authenticated pursuant to court order (per signature)  GC 70629  $15
 188 Certified copy of marriage or domestic partnership dissolution record (requested by public agency) (copy fees not included*)  GC 70674  $10
 189 Certified copy of marriage or domestic partnership dissolution record (requested by any other applicant) (copy fees not included*)  GC 70674  $15
 190 Audio Recordings (tapes or CDs)   GC 70631  $25
 191 Microfiche - Original and Subsequent Pages   GC 70631  $4.00/$1.00
 192 Microfiche - Copy and Subsequent Pages   GC 70631  $3.00/$0.10
 193 Off Site Retrieval of Documents (Iron Mountain) - Standard
Off Site Retrieval - Rush - Same day if requested by 10am
Off Site Retrieval - Emergency - Within 3 hours of request
 GC 70631 $ 19
$ 21
$ 28
 194 Access to imaged documents on the internet.  GC 68150(h)
 CRC 2.506
 $7.50 for up to ten pages, $0.07 for each additional page, with a maximum of $40.00.
            * (copy fees are $0.50/page.  A self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage
                 is required for all copy and certification requests)


Ref# Returned Checks and Insufficient Payments Code Section(s) Total fee
 194 Administrative charge for a check that is returned without payment. A filing paid with such a check will be void if not paid, within 20 days of notification, in cash, by certified check, or by other means specified by the court, but not by traveler's check or personal check.  CCP 411.20(g),
 GC 71386
 195 Administrative charge for processing a partial payment. A first paper filing submitted with a check for an insufficient amount will be void if the amount due is not paid within 20 days of notification.  CCP 411.21(g)  $25

Ref# Miscellaneous Fees Code Section(s) Total fee
 197 Administrative charge for collection of fees where fee waiver was previously granted  GC 6838(a)(3)  $25
 198 Administrative charge for recovering, as part of judgment, fees not paid by public entity under GC 6103  GC 6103.5(d)  $25
 199 Taking affidavit, except in criminal case or adoption proceedings  GC 70626(a)(5)  $25
 200 Acknowledgment of deed or other instrument  GC 70626(a)(6)  $25
 201 Recording or registering license or issuing certificate in connection with a license, required by law, for which charge is not otherwise prescribed  GC 70626(a)(7)  $25
 202 Filing affidavit of publication of notice of dissolution of partnership  GC 70626(b)(7)  $30
 203 Filing and indexing papers for which a charge is not provided elsewhere  GC 70626(b) (10)  $30
 204 Appearance by videoconferencing  GC 70630  Amount set by court
 205 Reasonable fee for service or product, not to exceed costs, where no fee is otherwise provided for (Rule 10.815)  GC 70631  Amount set by court
 206 Administering funds held in trust for deposits of funds for reportersí transcripts  GC 70632, CRC  8.130, 8.834  $50
 207 Certificate of facts regarding unsatisfied judgment  VC 16373  $15
 208 Envelopes, Postage and Shipping  GC 70631  $2 + P/S
 209 Forms - Individual  GC 70631  $0.50
 210 Forms - Civil Packet  GC 70631  $3.00
 211 Forms - Family Packet  GC 70631  $3.75
 212 Forms - Small Claims Packet  GC 70631  $2.50
 213 Forms - Conservator and Guardianship Packets  GC 70631  $3.50
 214 Form - Probate Manuscript Cover  GC 70631  $1.50
 215 Facsimile Filing Usage Fee (per page)  GC 70631  $0.50
 216 Facsimile Filing Confirmation Fee  GC 70631  $3.50

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