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Superior Court of California - County of San Diego: Juvenile: Juvenile Forms
Juvenile Forms

Judicial Council Juvenile Forms

Local Juvenile Forms

Adoptions / Citations

Adoption Agreement Adoption of Adult or Married Minor
JUV-195 (Rev: 11/20)

Citation for Adoption
JUV-170 (Rev: 9/16)

Consent to Adoption (Adult)
JUV-196 (Rev: 10/06)

Continuance Request
JUV-253 (New: 02/13)

Court Report of Adoption
VS-44 (Rev: 1/16)

Declaration of Birth Mother
JUV-249 (New: 09/12)

Declaration of Search Efforts
JUV-250 (New: 09/12)

Judgment Declaring Children Free From Parental Custody and Control
JUV-246 (Rev: 02/13)

Judgment under Fam. Code § 8604(b)
JUV-242 (New: 09/12)

Judgment Determining Nonexistence of Parent-Child Relationship
JUV-248 (New: 09/12)

Judgment Terminating Parental Rights
JUV-244 (New: 09/12)

Order of Adoption of Adult or Married Minor
JUV-194 (Rev: 11/20)

Order Waiving Notice and Terminating Parental Rights
JUV-251 (New: 09/12)

Petition for Adoption of Adult or Married Minor
JUV-193 (Rev: 11/20)

Petition for Birth Record Information
JUV-236 (New: 12/11)

Petition for Freedom from Parental Custody and Control
JUV-245 (Rev: 02/13)

Petition for Termination of Parental Rights
JUV-243 (New: 09/12)

Petition to Determine Nonexistence of Parent-Child Relationship
JUV-247 (Rev: 03/21)

Request for Dismissal – Adoptions
JUV-279 (New: 12/18)

Stipulation Regarding Inspection, Copying and Non-Dissemination of Juvenile Records without Court Order
JUV-237 (Rev: 05/19)

Supplemental Request for Disclosure of Juvenile Case File
JUV-276 (New: 08/18)


Advisement and Waiver of Right to Counsel in Dependency Proceeding
JUV-274 (New: 04/18)

Application for Order and Order (Ex Parte)
JUV-238 (Rev: 12/12)

Attachment to Order for Prisoner's Appearance at Hearing
JUV-235 (New: 06/11)

Attorney Certification of Competency
JUV-116 (New: 05/09)

Child's ICWA Form
JUV-268 (New: 12/17)

Court Appointed Special Advocate (Order of Appointment of CASA)
JUV-272 (New: 02/18)

Dependency Drug Court Brochure
JUV-178 (Rev: 01/12)

Ex Parte Application and Order - Nonminor Dependent
JUV-259 (New: 06/15)

Investigative Search Warrant
JUV-269 (New: 02/18)

Parent's ICWA Form
JUV-267 (New: 12/17)

Petition for Medical, Mental Health, Dental, and/or Other Remedial Care
JUV-255 (New 1/15)

Protective Custody Warrant
JUV-270 (Rev: 05/20)

Request for Appointed Counsel (Dependency)
JUV-153 (Rev: 08/11)

Request for Juvenile Court Review of Child Welfare Services Relative Placement Decision
JUV-266 (New: 3/17)

Special Hearing Request – Dependency
JUV-137 (Rev: 06/11)

Stipulated Request and Order for Submission on Report(s) Without Hearing or Order Setting Hearing
JUV-284 (Rev: 05/20)

Waiver of Certified Dependency Representation
JUV-233 (Rev: 03/11)


Application for Approval of a Minor's Request for Voluntary Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment
JUV-057 (Rev: 10/06)

Application for a Rehearing
JUV-048 (Rev: 05/13)

Media Request and Agreement to be Admitted to Juvenile Court Hearing
JUV-029 (Rev: 09/12)

Notice of Attorney of Record
JUV-126 (Rev: 10/06)

Order Designating Person Who May Consent to Prescribing Psychotropic Medication/Approving a Medication Treatment Plan for a Dependent or Ward
JUV-058 (Rev: 10/06)

Order of Appointment of Developmental Services Decisionmaker
JUV-239 (New: 01/12)

Petition to View Records and/or Request for Copies
JUV-004 (Rev: 05/13)

Protective Order on Petition for Access to Juvenile Case File
JUV-263 (Rev: 03/21)

Return to Warrant – Juvenile
JUV-271 (New: 02/18)

Where to File Juvenile Citations and Juvenile Contact Reports Issued Against Juveniles and Minors
JUV-260 (Rev: 09/20)

Juvenile Justice

Abstract of Judgment for Restitution – Juvenile
JUV-791 (New 9/15)

Attachment to Abstract of Judgment for Restitution – Juvenile (SDSC Form #JUV-791
JUV-791A (New 9/15)

Notice of Statutory Rights Re: Juvenile Court Delinquency Records
JUV-040 DEL (Rev: 09/13)

Order for Victim Restitution - Juvenile
JUV-790 (Rev: 01/18)

Petition, Response, and Order for Redesignation as Infraction (Prop. 64 – Juvenile)
JUV-265 (Rev: 1/19)

Petition, Response, and Order for Redesignation as Misdemeanor (Prop. 47 – Juvenile)
JUV-264 (New: 9/16)

Request, Response, and Order to Recall Warrant and Address Related Issues
JUV-275 (New: 06/18)

Stipulated Request and Order for Submission on Report(s) Without Hearing - Juvenile Justice (Delinquency)
JUV-285 (New: 04/20)

Waiver of Confidentiality of Hearing and Acknowledgment of Rights
JUV-217 (Rev: 7/15)

Renuncia de la Confidencialidad de una Audiencia y Reconocimiento de Derechos
JUV-217 S (Rev: 7/15)

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