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Judicial Council Coordinated Proceedings (JCCP)

Cases that involve a common issue of fact or law are sometimes filed in more than one California county based on where the parties live, do business, or the incidents occurred. These cases may be transferred to a single court, under certain procedures (CA Rules of Court, Title Three, Division IV) and with the agreement of all of the parties. These cases are referred to as Coordinated Proceedings.

The San Diego Superior Court is regularly selected to hear such cases. Several judges that have been assigned Coordinated Proceedings use the court web site as an effective way to communicate with parties that are spread out across the state and nation. Many of these JCCP case-specific pages can be accessed using the Active Cases  and Documents buttons above. 

Due to the number of Coordinated Proceedings, this website does not contain a complete listing of the JCCP cases assigned to San Diego Superior Court. Additional information on non-listed cases can be obtained by contacting the court at (619) 450-7366. 

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