SCSD HomeA law allowing people to apply for one-time amnesty for unpaid pre-2013 traffic tickets and non-traffic infractions will expire soon. The program, which started in October 2015, will expire on Monday, April 3rd.
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Resolve Your Dispute Without Going to Court
  • You may be able to settle your dispute without going to court. To find out more information about Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), visit our Arbitration/Mediation page or contact the National Conflict Resolution Center (formerly known as the San Diego Mediation Center) by calling (619) 238-2400 or by fax at (619) 238-8041.
Where to File Your Case or Petition
  • Find the zipcode or city name where the person or company you are suing lives or does business, or where the incident occurred. The complaint should be filed in the corresponding court location (venue).
Filing by Fax

Local Rule of Court 2.5.3 governs the filing of documents by fax.

The business office will not provide conformed copies unless a request is submitted to the court with a self addressed envelope stamped and a total fee for copies of the faxed document.

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Monthly payments for fees may be submitted by credit card through the online payment system. Enter the case number exactly as printed on your Payment Notice, and your date of birth as instructed on the online payment link, by the due date. Failure to make timely payments as ordered by the court may result in a referral to a collection agency for any unpaid fees, and/or in a dismissal of your case.

Use the Judgment Calculator to calculate:

  • Daily and to-date accrued interest
  • Interest in between costs after judgment
  • Interest between payments

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