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Superior Court of California - County of San Diego: General Information: Rules of Court: ROC Division VI - Juvenile

2016 Division VI - Juvenile

The following chapters are contained in the document above:

Chapter 1:
Juvenile Rules

6.1.1 Preliminary Provisions (Renum. 1/1/2006)
6.1.2 Definitions, Construction of Terms, Nature of Hearings (Rev. 1/1/2010)
6.1.3 Standing, Rights, and Levels of Participation in Dependency Cases (Rev. 1/1/2014)
6.1.4 Assignment of Cases and Peremptory Challenges (Rev.1/1/2012)
6.1.5 Objection to the Sufficiency of the Petition (Renum. 1/1/2006)
6.1.6 Amendment of the Welfare and Institutions Code Section 300 Petition (Rev. 1/1/2008)
6.1.7 Prehearing Discovery in Dependency Matter  (Rev. 1/1/2012)
6.1.8 Pretrial Status Conference (Rev. 1/1/2016)
6.1.9 Settlement Conference (Rev. 1/1/2016)
6.1.10 Mediation  (Renum. 1/1/2006)
6.1.11 Use of Social Worker's Report at the Jurisdiction Hearing (Rev. 1/1/2010)
6.1.12 Findings at Jurisdiction Hearing (Rev. 1/1/2008)
6.1.13 Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) (Rev. 1/1/2015)
6.1.14 Ex Parte Applications and Orders (Rev. 1/1/2016)
6.1.15 Presence of Child at Court Hearing (Rev. 1/1/2012)
6.1.16 Procedure for Establishing Parentage; Blood Tests (Rev. 1/1/2015)
6.1.17 Confidentiality of Foster Homes (Welf. & Inst. Code, § 308) (Rev. 1/1/2014)
6.1.18 CASA Reports (Rev. 1/1/2014)
6.1.19 Court Orders to Address Parental Substance Abuse (Rev. 1/1/2016)
6.1.20 Fax Filing (Rev. 1/1/2015)

Chapter 2:
Adoption Rules

6.2.1 Adoption Calendar in Juvenile Court (Rev. 1/1/2008)

Chapter 3:
Attorney Screening and Standards of Representation

6.3.1 General Competency Requirement (Rev. 1/1/2012)
6.3.2 Screening for Competency (Rev. 1/1/2016)
6.3.3 Minimum Standards of Education and Training (Rev. 1/1/2016)
6.3.4 Standards of Representation  (Rev. 1/1/2016))

Chapter 4:
Procedures for Reviewing and Resolving Complaints

6.4.1 Reviewing and Resolving Complaints (Rev. 1/1/2010)

Chapter 5:
Procedures for Informing the Court of Other Interests of a Dependent Child
(Welf. & Inst. Code, §§ 317, 317.6; Cal. Rules of Court, rule 5.660)

6.5.1 Informing the Court of Other Interests of a Dependent Child (Rev. 1/1/2014)

Chapter 6:
Access to Confidential Information

6.6.1 Disclosure of Information Relating to Children and their Families–Preliminary Provisions (Rev. 1/1/2014)
6.6.2 Disclosure of Juvenile Court Records to Persons and Agencies Not Designated in Welfare and Institutions Code Section 362.5, 827 or 827.10 – Request for Disclosure (JV-570) Required (Rev. 1/1/2016)
6.6.3 Health Care for Children in HHSA Custody; Disclosure of Health Care Information (Rev. 1/1/2016)
6.6.4 Disclosure of Juvenile Court Records - Petition to View Records (SDSC JUV-004), and Stipulation (SDSC JUV-237) Required (Rev. 1/1/2016)
6.6.5 Disclosure of Dependency Records to Counsel for the Child in a Delinquency Proceeding  (Rev. 1/1/2014)
6.6.6 Reserved for Future Use (Del. 1/1/2013)
6.6.7 Disclosure of Law Enforcement Reports Regarding Juveniles to Persons and Agencies Not Designated in Welfare & Institutions Code Section 828 (Rev. 1/1/2015)
6.6.8 Disclosure of Medical Information to Foster Parents and Other Care Providers (Renum. 1/1/2006)
6.6.9 Disclosure of IEPs, Immunization Records, and Other Health Records (Rev. 1/1/2015)
6.6.10 Disclosure of Information Regarding HHSA Clients Receiving Voluntary Services  (Adopted 1/1/2008)
6.6.11 Disclosure of Delinquency Records to Victims of Crime (Rev. 1/1/2013)
6.6.12 Disclosure of Psychological Evaluations and Psychiatric Evaluations  (Adopted 1/1/2013)
6.6.13 Public and Media Access: Dependency (Rev. 1/1/2016)

Chapter 7:
Procedures for Appointing Counsel

6.7.1 Attorneys for Children (Rev. 1/1/2016)
6.7.2 Attorneys for Parents or Guardians (Rev. 1/1/2016)

Chapter 8:
Procedures for Determining Appropriate Caseloads for Children’s Counsel

6.8.1 Determining Appropriate Caseloads for Children’s Counsel (Rev. 1/1/2016)

Chapter 9:
Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings

6.9.1 Preliminary Provisions (Rev. 1/1/2007)
6.9.2 Definitions, Construction of Terms (Rev. 1/1/2010)
6.9.3 Assignment of Cases and Peremptory Challenges  (Rev. 1/1/2012)
6.9.4 Continuances  (Rev. 1/1/2008)
6.9.5 Ex Parte Applications and Orders (Rev. 1/1/2016)
6.9.6 Requirements for Noticed Motions (Rev. 1/1/2016)
6.9.7 Fax Filing (Rev. 1/1/2013)
6.9.8 Warrants (Renum. 1/1/2006)
6.9.9 Reciprocal Discovery (Renum. 1/1/2006)
6.9.10 Public and Media Access: Delinquency (Rev. 1/1/2016)
6.9.11 Competence and Mental Health Evaluations (Rev. & Renum. 1/1/2006)
6.9.12 Administration of Psychotropic Medications (Rev. 1/1/2008)
6.9.13 Initial Health Screening (Rev. 1/1/2007)
6.9.14 Immunizations (Rev.1/1/2016)
6.9.15 Sex Education (Renum. 1/1/2006)
6.9.16 Off-Site Counseling (Rev. 1/1/2014)
6.9.17 Travel Out of San Diego County (Rev. 1/1/2014)
6.9.18 Disclosure of Medical Information (Rev. 1/1/2014)
6.9.19 Sharing of Information (Rev.1/1/2016)
6.9.20 Habeas Corpus Petitions (Adopted 1/1/2016)
6.9.21 Settlement Conference (Adopted 1/1/2016)


Policies and Procedures

Central Division - Main Courthouse
Department 46 
Honorable Lisa Schall
Department 48 
Hon.Lorna A. Alksne

Central Division - Hall of Justice
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Department 62 
Hon. Ronald L. Styn
Department 65 
Hon. Joan M. Lewis
Department 66 
Hon. Joel M. Pressman
Department 67 
Hon. Eddie C. Sturgeon
Department 68 
Hon. Judith F. Hayes
Department 69 
Hon. Katherine A. Bacal
Department 70 
Hon. Randa Trapp
Department 71 
Hon. Gregory W. Pollack
Department 72 
Hon. Timothy B. Taylor
Department 73 
Hon. Joel R. Wohlfeil
Department 74 
Hon. Kevin A. Enright
Department 75 
Hon. Richard E. L. Strauss

Madge Bradley
Probate Department PC1 
Hon. Jeffrey S. Bostwick
Probate Department PC2 
Hon. Julia Craig Kelety
Probate Department PC3 
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Hon. Jacqueline M. Stern
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Hon. Earl H. Maas, III
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Hon. Timothy M. Casserly
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