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Superior Court of California - County of San Diego: General Information: Rules of Court: ROC Division V - Family Law

2016 Division V - Family Law

The following chapters are contained in the document above:

Chapter 1:

5.1.1 Application of Rules and Sanctions (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.1.2 Definitions (Rev. & Renum. 1/1/2015)
5.1.3 Abbreviations (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.1.4 Website Information (Rev. & 1/1/2016)
5.1.5 Family Law Courts and Venue (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.1.6 Notice to Court and Sanctions (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.1.7 Requirement for Current Mailing Address (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.1.8 Official Court Reporters and Reporters Pro Tem (Rev. 1/1/2016)

Chapter 2
Case Management

5.2.1 Case Assignment for All Purposes (Rev. 1/1/2015)
5.2.2 Family Case Resolution Conference (FRC) and Self-Represented Family Case Resolution Conference (SFRC) (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.2.3 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.2.4 Related Cases (Rev. 1/1/2015)
5.2.5 Mandatory Settlement Conference (MSC) (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.2.6 Telephone Appearances in Family Court (Rev. 1/1/2015)

Chapter 3:
Emergency Orders (ex parte orders)

5.3.1 Emergency Orders (Ex Parte Orders) (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.3.2 Non-Emergency Orders Not Requiring Notice (Rev. 1/1/2015)

Chapter 4:
Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVRO)

5.4.1  Reissuance of Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order (DVTRO) (Adopted 1/1/2016)
5.4.2 Residence Removal Orders (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.4.3 Requests by Protected Party to Modify or Terminate Permanent Restraining Order (Rev. 1/1/2016)

Chapter 5:
Request for Order (RFO)

5.5.1 Hearings on Request for Order (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.5.2 Related RFO (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.5.3 RFO Procedures (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.5.4 Exhibits and Lodged Documents (Rev. 1/1/2016)

Chapter 6:
Parties’ Income

5.6.1 Parties’ Income (Rev. 1/1/2016)

Chapter 7:
Trials and Long Cause Hearings

5.7.1 Master Calendar Assignments and Procedure (Rev. 1/1/2016)

Chapter 8:
Parentage and Surrogacy Actions

5.8.1 Parentage Actions (Rev. 1/1/2016)

Chapter 9:
Family Support Division

5.9.1 Family Support Division (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.9.2 Pre-Hearing Mandatory Meet and Confer (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.9.3 – 5.9.7 Reserved for Future Use (Del. 1/1/2016)

Chapter 10:
Child Custody and Visitation

5.10.1 Child Custody Recommending Counseling (previously called “mediation”)(Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.10.2 Non-Confidentiality and Recommendation (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.10.3 Reserved for Future Use (Del. 1/1/2014)
5.10.4 Private (non court-connected) Child Custody Counseling  (Rev. 1/1/2015)
5.10.5 Child Custody Evaluations (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.10.6 Supervised Visitation Providers (Rev. 1/1/2016)

Chapter 11:
Judgments and Orders After Hearing

5.11.1 Reserved for Future Use (Del. 1/1/2015)
5.11.2 Preparation of Orders After Hearing and Judgments (Rev. 1/1/2016)

Chapter 12:
Reserved for Future Use

5.12.1 Reserved for Future Use (Del. 1/1/2013)

Chapter 13:
Minor’s Counsel

5.13.1 Minor’s Counsel (Rev. 1/1/2015))

Chapter 14:

5.14.1 Attorneys of Record (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.14.2 Appointment of Elisors (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.14.3 Interpreters (Rev. 1/1/2014)
5.14.4 Family Law Facilitator (Rev. 1/1/2016)
5.14.5 Communication and Coordination Regarding Criminal Protective Orders, Domestic Violence Restraining Orders and Child Custody and Visitation Orders (California Rules of Court, rule 5.445) (Rev. 1/1/2015)
5.14.6 Appointment of Counsel Under Servicemembers Civil Relief Act(SCRA) (Rev. & Renum. 1/1/2013)

Policies and Procedures

Central Division - Main Courthouse
Department 46 
Honorable Lisa Schall
Department 48 
Hon.Lorna A. Alksne

Central Division - Hall of Justice
Department 61 
Hon. John S. Meyer
Department 62 
Hon. Ronald L. Styn
Department 65 
Hon. Joan M. Lewis
Department 66 
Hon. Joel M. Pressman
Department 67 
Hon. Eddie C. Sturgeon
Department 68 
Hon. Judith F. Hayes
Department 69 
Hon. Katherine A. Bacal
Department 70 
Hon. Randa Trapp
Department 71 
Hon. Gregory W. Pollack
Department 72 
Hon. Timothy B. Taylor
Department 73 
Hon. Joel R. Wohlfeil
Department 74 
Hon. Kevin A. Enright
Department 75 
Hon. Richard E. L. Strauss

Madge Bradley
Probate Department PC1 
Hon. Jeffrey S. Bostwick
Probate Department PC2 
Hon. Julia Craig Kelety
Probate Department PC3 
Hon. Robert C. Longstreth

North County Division
Department N-26 
Hon. Sim von Kalinowski
Department N-27 
Hon. Jacqueline M. Stern
Department N-28 
Hon. Earl H. Maas, III
Department N-29 
Hon. Robert P. Dahlquist
Department N-31 
Hon. Timothy M. Casserly
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