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  • San Diego Superior Court Local forms listed below are available in fillable format. FAQ's are provided for your assistance in filling out the forms.
  • For your convenience a link is provided to the California Judicial Council's Forms page. Fillable forms are also available on the Judicial Council Forms page.
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Not all court forms are available for download at this time. If the form you want is not on the list, please visit the appropriate business office to obtain your specific form.  

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Amendment to Complaint
 CIV-012 (Rev: 09/13)

Application and Declaration in Support of Request to Dispense with Notice to Minor's Parent - Name Change
CIV-256 (New: 02/10)

Application and Order Declaring Information on Affidavit of Voter Registration Confidential
CIV-052 (Rev: 10/15)

Application and Order for Appearance and Examination
AT-138/EJ-125 (Rev: 01/00)

Application for Publication of Summons/Citations
CIV-048 (Rev: 12/13)

Attached Descriptions – Additional Respondents
CIV-330 (Rev: 07/15)

Attachment – Additional Protected Persons
CIV-330A (Rev: 07/15)

Attachment 15 (Abstract of Judgment - Civil and Small Claims)
CIV-253 (New: 05/09)

Attachment 20 (Abstract of Judgment - Civil and Small Claims)
CIV-254 (New: 05/09)

Attachment 20 (Writ of Execution)
CIV-255 (New: 05/09)

Citation for Freedom From Parental Custody and Control
CIV-036 (Rev: 11/13) 

Courtesy Stop Notice
CIV-033 (New: 08/05)

Criteria for Obtaining an Ex Parte Order for Publication
CIV-047 (Rev: 01/09)

MC-030 (Rev: 01/06)

Declaration Concerning Waived Court Fees
CIV-365 (New: 07/09)

Declaration of Default Re: Stipulated Agreement and Judgment Thereon
CIV-243 (Rev: 12/14)

Declaration re: Default in Installment Payments and Order Thereon
CIV-242 (Rev: 12/14)

Defendant/Respondent Information for Order Appointing Attorney Under Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
ADM-260 (New: 11/09)

Description of Defendant/Witness
CIV-087 (Rev: 06/99)

Ex Parte Application and Declaration
ADM-252 (New: 03/12)

Ex Parte Request and Order to Vacate Restraining Order
D-001 (New: 06/11)

Ex Parte Application for Order Declaring Information on Affidavit of Voter Registration Confidential; Declaration; Points and Authorities; Order
CIV-052 (Rev: 01/01)

Guidelines for Default Judgments
CIV-251 (New: 05/09)

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CIV-252 (New: 05/09)

Judgment Checklist - Default by Clerk (Civil)
CIV-198 (Rev: 01/14) 

Judgment Checklist - Default by Court (Civil)
CIV-199 (Rev: 01/14) 

Judgment Checklist - Default by Court (Unlawful Detainer - Money Judgment)
CIV-200 (Rev: 03/09) 

Juror Questionnaire Cover Sheet
CIV-003 (rev: 04/08)

List of Approved Newspapers for Publication of Legal Notices 
ADM-335 (Rev: 9/15) 

Notice of Appeal (Limited Civil Case)
CIV-029 (New: 12/04)

Notice of Change of Address
MC-040 (Rev: 01/13)

Notice of Payment of Advance Jury Fee
CIV-105 (Rev: 09/12)

Notice of Pendency of Action
CIV-050 (Rev: 06/12)

Notice of Pro Tempore Court Reporter Deposit
CIV-104 (09/01)

Order Appointing Attorney Pursuant to Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
CIV-337 (Rev: 06/13)

Order Exonerating Property Bond
CIV-123 (Rev: 06/11)

Back to TopOrder for Publication of Summons/Citation
CIV-049 (Rev: 12/13)

Order for Release of Impounded Vehicle
CIV-88 (Rev: 07/97)

Peremptory Challenge
CIV-249 (Rev: 10/10)

Proof of Personal Service
POS-020 (Rev: 01/05)

Proof of Service by First Class Mail-Civil (Proof of Service)
POS-030 (Rev: 01/05)

Request for Clerk’s Certificate re: Costs and Certification
CIV-315 (Rev: 12/14)

Request for Dismissal - Freedom from Parental Custody and Control
CIV-035 (Rev: 04/03)

Request for Free Service of the Order and Injuctions
CIV-046 (New: 01/07)

Request for Payment of Trust Funds/Refund
CIV-180 (Rev: 12/13)

Stipulation Re: Jury
CIV-065 (Rev: 08/99)

Application and Order Declaring Information on Affidavit of Voter Registration Confidential  
CIV-052 (Rev: 10/15)

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ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Forms

ADR Information Form
ADR-101 (Rev: 1/94)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Information
CIV-730 (Rev: 12/10)

Civil Mediation Program Mediator Application
CIV-023 (Rev: 7/15)

Collections Mandatory Settlement Conference Status 
CIV-366 (Rev: 06/12)

Mediator Selection Form
CIV-005 (Rev: 01/15)

Petition to Confirm, Correct or Vacate Contractual Arbitration Award
ADR-106 (Rev: 1/04)

Probate Mediator Packet
PKT-037 (New: 04/10)

Request for Trial De Novo After Judicial Arbitration
ADR-102 (Rev: 1/12)

Statement of Agreement or Nonagreement
ADR-100 (Rev: 7/12)

Stipulation to Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Process (ADR)
CIV-359 (Rev: 12/10)

Stipulation/Order for Court-Ordered Arbitration
CIV-358 (Rev: 01/15)

More local ADR forms are available in the ADR Program Office or Civil Business Office at each court location and also at the Judicial Council ADR Forms page.

Back to TopCivil Harassment Restraining Order Forms 

Civil Harassment After Ex Parte Hearing Packet
PKT-002 C (Rev: 7/14)

Civil Harassment Petitioner Packet
PKT-002 A (Rev: 7/15)

Civil Harassment Respondent Packet
PKT-002 B (Rev: 7/14)

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Civil Subpoena for Personal Appearance at Trial or Hearing
SUBP-001 (Rev. 1/07)

Civil Subpoena (Duces Tecum) for Personal Appearance and Production of Documents, Electronically Stored Information, and Things at Trial or Hearing and Declaration
SUBP-002 (Rev. 1/12)

Deposition Subpoena for Production of Business Records
SUBP-010 (Rev. 1/12)

Deposition Subpoena for Personal Appearance
SUBP-015 (Rev. 1/09)

Deposition Subpoena for Personal Appearance and Production of Documents and Things
SUBP-020 (Rev. 1/09)

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Application and Order to Serve Summons by Posting for Unlawful Detainer
CIV-014 (New: 08/08)

Civil Case Cover Sheet
CM-010 (Rev: 07/07)

Complaint - Unlawful Detainer
UD-100 (Rev: 01/05)

Request/Counter-Request to Set Case for Trial-Unlawful Detainer
UD-150 (New: 01/05)

Request for Dismissal (Included in Pkt-022
CIV-110-JCC (Rev: 01/13)

Request for Entry of Default (Application to Enter Default)
CIV-100-JCC (Rev: 01/07)

Stipulated Agreement for Judgment or Dismissal (Unlawful Detainer)
CIV-369 (New: 05/10)

Summons - Unlawful Detainer - Eviction
SUM-130 (Rev: 07/09)

Unlawful Detainer Answer Packet
PKT-021 (Rev: 07/15)

Unlawful Detainer Complaint Packet
PKT-022 (Rev: 7/15)

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Civil Case Cover Sheet
CM-010 (Rev: 07/07)

Required When First Filing

Application and Order for Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem - Civil
CIV-010 (Rev: 01/08)

Order Approving Compromise Of Disputed Claim Or Pending Action Or Disposition Of Proceeds Of Judgment For Minor Or Adult Person With A Disability
MC-351 (Rev: 01/07)

Order To Deposit Money Into Blocked Account
MC-355 (Rev: 01/07)

Petition To Approve Compromise Of Disputed Claim Or Pending Action Or Disposition Of Proceeds Of Judgment For Minor Or Person With A Disability
MC-350 (Rev: 01/11)

Other Minor's Compromise forms

Declaration and Order For Transfer of Blocked Account Funds
CIV-097 (Rev: 11/99)

Order for Withdrawal of Funds from Blocked Account
MC-358 (Rev: 01/07)

Petition for Withdrawal of Funds from Blocked Account
MC-357 (Rev: 01/07)
NOTE: If you are requesting to withdraw funds upon reaching the age of majority, you must appear in the business office with a BIRTH RECORD and a PICTURE I.D.

Receipt and Acknowledgment of Order for the Deposit of Money into Blocked Account
MC-356 (Rev: 01/07)

Back to TopSister State Judgment Forms

Sister State Judgments 
CIV-037 (Rev: 08/05)

Civil Case Cover Sheet  
CM-010 (Rev: 07/07)

Application for Entry of Judgment on Sister-State Judgment  
EJ-105 (Rev: 07/83)

Judgment on Sister-State Judgment  
CIV-119 (Rev: 8/08)

Notice of Entry of Judgment on Sister-State Judgment  
EJ-110 (Rev: 07/83)

Order for Issuance of Writ of Execution / Abstract of Judgment (Sister-State Judgment) 
CIV-121 (Rev: 11/03)

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