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Invitation to Comment: REVISED FEE SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2021 
June 7, 2021   New Items
San Diego Superior Court Judge Margie Gunthardt Woods Retires
June 7, 2021   New Items
General Order 060721-73 In Re: Extension of Time for Criminal Trials
June 4, 2021   New Items
General Order 060321-72 in RE: 60-Day Accelerated Release of Sentenced County Jail Inmates Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
May 28, 2021  
General Order 052821-71 in RE: Extension of Time to Hold Felony Arraignments

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Find case information for most case types and view imaged documents for limited case types post 2011.
Find information about Civil Imaging, Probate Imaging and Civil eFiling.
Case register of actions for Civil, Small Claims and Probate cases filed after Jan 1, 2008. Some documents available for viewing.
Reserve a Civil Law and Motion hearing date to a Civil Independent Calendar department.
Case register of actions for Family Law cases. No documents will be available for viewing.
View the five-day court calendar.
Pay your Traffic Ticket (Citation) or request Traffic School.
Make an appointment for a Family Law Facilitator workshop at Family Court, North County, East County, or South County.
Proposed rulings of the court.
Pay your Court Ordered Fine.

Search for mediators on the court Civil Mediation Panel.
Examiner's Notes are summaries prepared by the probate examiner after reviewing your petition.
List of court forms by case type.

These cases are collected and processed overnight, and the party names are added to the new filings lists.
Check Jury Status, Jury Reporting Instructions, Postponements, Payment Status, Work Certification. 


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