April 19, 2005


Probate Division

San Diego Superior Court

Conservatorship Orientation Program

Effective April 19, 2005:

All conservators, excluding limited conservators of the person and Private Professional Conservators as defined by Probate Code Section 2341 must complete an education class as ordered at the time of their appointment as conservator. Classes must be completed within six months of appointment as a conservator, and a certificate evidencing completion must be filed with the Court. Classes must be designed to explain the duties and responsibilities of Conservator of the Person and/or Estate and include information on healthcare, safety, living arrangements, management of assets, accountings and other legal obligations. A list of providers is available in the Probate Business Office. Failure to complete this requirement may be grounds for removal as ordered by the Court. In addition to removal, failure to comply with these requirements may result in the imposition of sanctions.

Posted April 19, 2005